Are you taking a gamble with your trade funds?
In order to accurately evaluate ad effectiveness, you need a complete view of the promotional landscape that includes all media types influencing shoppers—print, email, online and social media

Do you need help making sense of the data?
Our dedicated account teams work with you to identify your key business issues and help you understand what the data means and how to make it work for you

Need to get a closer look at what caused that lift or dip in sales?
The high level of granularity of our data allows you to get visibility into important nuances that impact outcomes
Why Ad Dynamics?

Ad Dynamics is the leading provider of business intelligence solutions based on comprehensive analysis of promotional advertising. Today, more than 450 retailers and manufacturers rely on Ad Dynamics for timely  market intelligence that:

  • Improves decisions, resulting in better business performance
  • Covers media sources for every key promotional channel: print, online and e-mail
  • Provides data structure and tools that integrate multiple data sources
  • Utilizes high-performance support teams focused on your unique needs
With over 34 years of experience, Ad Dynamics understands the critical components of retailer competitiveness: share of voice, pricing, different uses of promotions and the timing of the ad drops. This translates into the most comprehensive ad tracking and decision-support solutions available in the marketplace. See how Ad Dynamics has helped our clients. MORE
Business Intelligence
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Today's Realities
Whether winning over undecided shoppers or protecting loyal customers you cannot impact buying decisions without clarity of that first point of influence. Influencing the shopper at that critical moment can determine if a retailer wins the day.
  • Undeniable shift in buying behavior – brand and retailer loyalty has been stressed due to the economic environment
  • Retail success comes through the execution of a comprehensive strategy addressing promotion, pricing, consumer insights and in-store execution
  • Competition has never been stronger translating into a critical need to win consumers’ interest, patronage and sale at the first point of promotion
  • Visibility of the promotional landscape is critical and the insight Ad Dynamics provides is indispensable to increasing sales
  • Whether winning over undecided shoppers or protecting your loyal customers, you cannot make effective decisions without clarity of that first point of influence